Human brain is an amazing organ. It is said that not even the topnotch of the scientists have found out what the capacity of the human brain is, yet. Humans were able to make all these new tech gadgets, create artificial intelligence now, and even eons before, we know that they made pyramids and canals with amazing precision and technology. So what is the secret behind it all and how can we use the brain to the maximum capacity?

The science of “neuroplasticity” or how the brain changes

Neuroplasticity, or brain plasticity is how the brain “changes”, for better or worse. Whilst it does not have anything to with plastics such as Tupperware, it does includes details about how your brain can make those changes, sometimes for the better, but sometimes for the worse. Neuroplasticity encompasses the study of the physical process of this change. Gray matter in our brain can modify to become thicker or be weakened. Neuron pathways can be destroyed or formed. For example if you learn a new gymnastic move, it can make a new “wire connection” in the brain. As you get old, it is reflected in you forgetting something or someone’s name, for example, which means your “wires” are displaced.

How this can be used

How this phenomenon can be used to make the best out of our brains is, throughout the young age, it is more receptive. If you can remember your childhood or if you have a young child, you’d know that they are keener to learn, can remember a lot, more active and so on. This cognitive pattern can be enhanced and developed by external stimulants such as brain training for children Singapore. In this process they will be taught to make progress in brain activity and use various other faculties to harvest the best possible from our own brain.

Age related brain degeneration

It is now have been found that old age is the enemy of brain. It works both ways; for example, Alzheimer’s disease is losing one’s memory slowly. But it has now been found out that that happens because of dying of cells within the body. So brain cells die, and people start to forget things related to those defective cells. The disease is manifested in the patients eating less food, too. However apparently, that is a visual shortfalls also are apart of the disease; they don’t eat because they can’t see these food! Whilst it is a sad situation, ageing of cells is a natural process and even though there are a few remedies to slow it you can never stop it.

We make use of all our body parts such as limbs and other faculties. However it is till doubtful whether we use the brain to the maximum it can be used. It is time to find out what more can be done with that amazing piece in our body.

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