If you happen to be the only one who cannot keep your sanity intact in a classroom, then you are the teacher for sure! Teachers often find themselves helpless and almost losing their sanity amidst a bunch of screeching preschoolers or a crowd of mischievous teenagers. If you have lost all hope and cannot seem to control your class or feel that you are failing at your job as a teacher, then these tips will surely help you acquire good classroom management skills.


Keep them busy

Nothing screams “CHAOS” like a classroom filled with a bunch of students who have no task in hand. If you allow the students to enjoy a free period, it will take less than 60 seconds to transform the room from a calm, noise-free environment to a noisy marketplace. So make sure, the students are always given some task to be completed. However, if you feel that they have been quite obedient and completed all the work that was given, then you may reward them with a small break.


Appreciate them where necessary

The students often hate teachers who constantly criticize their action and never offer a kind word or any advice that they could cherish. Avoid being such a teacher because students loathe them and often tend to ignore whatever such teachers say. Instead, make it a point to give them positive feedback and appreciate any good conduct or if they show an improvement in their academic performance. However, you must ensure that you do not constantly praise them as this could make it a habit wherein they will constantly expect you to offer words of praise.

Keep them hooked

Let’s face it! We’ve all experienced at least one or more class wherein the teacher can be super boring and monotonous, often causing the students to fall asleep or lose interest in what is being taught to them. Make sure you avoid reading off the book or board and plan out fun activities that the students may engage in and learn through this. Make the lessons interesting by including real life examples that they can relate to so that you can ensure that they do not get distracted or lose interest in the lesson. Try being the fun teacher that everyone wishes to be taught by and not the boring, overly-strict one who is often detested by the students.

These classroom management skills will surely ease your dilemma as a teacher and make it easier for you to understand the students and interact with them. Who knows, you might even be able to become their favorite teacher one day.

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