Homework! Is a word that is every student’s nightmare! Most of the children simply hate having to do homework. And in my opinion rightly so! Because they have done their studying for the day at school, so why trouble them with studies again at home!

But of course, they do need some homework to revise their work at school as well! So, here are some tips to help you get your kids to enjoy doing their homework!

Make it fun

This is guaranteed to be the best method to get your kids to complete their work. Whether they are small or big, having to do homework makes them grumpy. So to ease up the mood, change the study table to a fun table to gain momentum. Play the pen lid game or any game your kid would enjoy. Then slowly but steadily divert their focus towards their work. This works like magic for me! The kids are not only more energetic but they also enjoy doing the work. You can also have fun science experiments or magic tricks just to keep them motivated!

Reward them instantly for completing the work

Don’t forget to reward your kids instantly if they complete their homework. The reward doesn’t necessarily have to be tangible. It can even be an extra hour of play time for the next evening, longer screen time, an extra chocolate or even taking them out for a meal. Try to reward them as instantly as possible once they complete their work. This will make them want to complete their work faster every time they sit to do their work. The anticipation of the reward will keep them motivated for sure!

Have a chart

Whether your kids go to a playgroup Singapore or they are in the bigger grades, it is a good idea to have a chart to track their record of doing their work on time. You can have a system of giving the kid 3 stars if he finishes the work without any trouble. And if he was a little troublesome then only two stars. And if he troubled but did the work or only completed half you can give him a single star. However, if he doesn’t do the work at all you can give him a black mark. Use this chart to reward or punish them. Punishments can include making them sit on a naughty chair, depriving them of TV time or skipping the next park session. Smacking or hitting them will be of no use!



The reality is that the kid will complete his work and do really well, only if the parent gives him some support at home. This why most of the teachers encourage giving the kids homework. This helps the parents know what the kid actually did in school. Truthfully enough, most parents don’t even open the lessons of the subjects that don’t have any homework. Hence, the kids follow suit! So, at least this way we are able to help our kids with their studies!


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