Long gone are the days when children were forced to spend a large chunk of their daily routine at school surrounded by a bunch of students from various backgrounds. Nowadays, a new phenomenon has made its way to the world of education, thus posing as a threat to the several schools and institutes that offer similar educational prospects. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling your child.

home schooling

Save money

There is no doubt that homeschooling is an ideal way to save up on huge sums of money that are usually paid as the annual fee. Apart from this, educating your child at a school will add the extra fees which will be required when participating in different events such as concerts and other sports events. Therefore, this is an ideal way to educate your child if you possess the necessary skills to do so and if you have been on the prowl for a cost effective way to provide your child with a decent education.

home schooling

A similar result can be achieved

Many occurrences around the world have led to the questioning of how important it is to enroll at a reputed institute in order to acquire knowledge. There are several successful people who happen to run multinational companies or have acquired billions due to their talent or other creative skills. However, many of these individuals do not boast of any qualifications or have barely managed to scrape through their high school education or even failed to enroll at a reputed university. Whereas, students who happen to score high grades at school or graduate with flying colors from the top universities often find themselves with no jobs. Therefore, a similar result can be achieved despite educating your child at home instead of a reputed institute.

Lack of exposure

Despite this being an ideal way to save money and time, this technique comprises of a range of disadvantages too. The most prominent one being, the lack of exposure and opportunities to socialize with other individuals. Schools usually tend to comprise of several individuals descending from various backgrounds and ethnicities thus providing more exposure to the different sectors of society. Hence, they acquire the chance to socialize with different individuals and gain a fresh perspective to similar situations in life. Therefore, this wonderful opportunity is lost when the students begin their journey of homeschooling wherein they are confined to a limited crowd and exposure.

Despite homeschooling being an ideal option to educate your child, this does comprise of a number of disadvantages as well. Therefore, make sure you thoroughly check both points before taking the next step towards this direction.

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