Training and development sessions are important for any workplace. It helps to increase the engagement, interaction levels and also makes sure that the productivity of employees remains at a steady level. Therefore, planning a training and development session is a big responsibility. If you too have been given this task, here are some mistakes to avoid in order to make sure that your training and development session goes well.

Not Doing Any Research on the Session

As the event planner you will need to do as much research on the session as you can so that you are able to get in maximum participation for the event. You will need to have at least a superficial insight into what will be discussed and the benefits of employees taking part in the training which you must then communicate to all those who have been asked to take part in the session. Even though people will come in if the training is mandatory, it does not necessarily guarantee their genuine interest in the event if they are not aware of the importance of the event has and what they can gain from it. Make sure that enough awareness is raised on this.

Not Inviting Good Lecturers

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You need to ask the right people to come and speak at the event. When thinking about the right people to speak, it is not just important that they have the right academic and professional qualifications. It is also important that they are good at addressing the public. For example a good choice to make based on your location would be Mark Carter. In order to find out how you can invite the right guests always do enough research and get enough feedback so that you are keeping with the requirements of the participants.

Not Getting Enough Input

Before you organize a training and development session you need to get the input of not just the management but also the employees. The management will be able to give you guidance on what they need to be accomplished through the training. But the employees will also be able to tell you what they feel is lacking and what areas they need brushing up on. It is important to pay attention to these requests and try to accommodate them as much as possible. When organizations ask employees to improve their work but do not provide them with the right resources, they may feel like they are not being taken care of and that might prove to be non-productive.

Not Being Able To Get the Right Venue

Something that is essential for a good training session is the level of comfort that participants feel while learning. You definitely do not have to afford super luxury. But a spacious setting with the right technology for presentations and the right materials, along with enough amenities like food and beverages provided could go a long way. Remember to get a venue that is suitable for the event and also one that can accommodate the participants easily.

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