If you have a kid that’s in their teenage years or a bit younger than that, then you know how difficult it is to keep them happy. This is not their fault or yours particularly – these formative years bring with them many hormonal and physical changes as well as mental readjustments that make things very difficult for a teenager. As you may remember, your teenage years weren’t the best for you either. As a parent, you want to keep your baby or babies happy – if your babies are 9 years or older, this may prove to be a challenge. Read on for tips on how to show your children that you care about what they want in simple yet meaningful gestures.


Give Them the Choice

This usually refers to giving them the illusion of a choice – when it comes to small things like going out to eat dinner, ask them where they want to go – give them to choose between two alternatives, if they wish. If they are prone to mood swings, take the whole process lightly and laugh off any sudden decisions that they may take. This does not mean you have to coddle and spoil your kids – it just means that you show them that you take their decisions into account – thus giving them the reassurance that their choices are taken into consideration.


Even when it comes to material things, ask them to choose. For instance, when you are buying school supplies Singapore, ask them where to buy them from. Ask them to go online and choose what they want. In this country, this is quite a feasible choice as well, because online stores deliver and they also have stationery available with the same design or cartoon or characters featured on them continuously. Finding an aesthetic that matches your kids’ style at normal shops can be a tedious task that might leave both you and them irritated and exhausted – online shopping is the way to go, in that case.

Exercise Controlled Freedom

Your child is seeking validation and is also seeking independence in small forms – give it to them. This will give them the idea of what it is like to do things alone, which will prepare them for later life and will give them the tools that they need to survive later on in life. This kind of freedom ranges from letting them pack their own lunch to letting them find their way home from school with a friend or two. What this will do is build their skills as well as their trust in you – it is more likely that they will confide in you in the future.


Your children are your world; make sure that they know it but give them room to grow as well.


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