We all have to learn the importance of helping each other. It is perhaps the reason why we are all here. We need to experience and appreciate the beauty of co-existing peacefully. The article below gives some tips that may help those who are looking for ways to make the world a better place by giving back to their communities.

Help a family meet their financial needs

If you have money to support yet another family meet their financial needs by all means do so. Every month you can set apart a portion of your income and gift it to the chosen family so that they will be able to benefit from your generosity. You should not expect anything in return from them too. Keep in mind that you should do only what you are capable of doing.

There really should be no pressure! Give only the part of your income that you can cheerfully part with, because if you give with an unhappy heart, you will not enjoy the process of giving. If you do have a lot of money, you can follow the example of great philanthropists like Bashir Dawood and look for ways to improve the lives of those living in your country.

Offer private lessons

You can always help a struggling family by using your time and talents to tutor their children. In many parts of the developing countries there are children desperately yearning to learn English. You can volunteer to teach few children while you are holidaying in such destinations if you are good in your English. Do look for struggling families in your neighborhood and see if their children will benefit from your knowledge about a particular subject. Offer the lessons free of charge of course!

Volunteer to teach at a local school

If there is a school in your area for less fortunate children that accepts volunteer teachers you will have a great opportunity to serve! You will be giving precious children a chance to fend for themselves when you help them with their education.

Spend time with the elders in your society

If there are any homes for elders located near your house, do pay a few visits every month and try to keep them cheered up. Talk to them and listen to them as they talk because that will give them and you, great pleasure. They have done so much and learned so much throughout their lives, so you will be able to benefit from these conversations as well.

You may not have the money or the power to do great things. But do small acts of service with great love and you will certainly make a big difference in the world!

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