There are many students whom are being transferred along or constantly changing due to various reasons. Foreign students learn English as an additional language, which is also known as EAL. EAL students are from various backgrounds and cultures. Many of the students will have other languages in common such as Mandarin Chinese, Urdu, French, Spanish, Tamil and many more.

There are many challenges when you attend a British school Singapore based and teachers will also face these challenges with EAL learners. Many teachers will try to change the lessons in such a way so that the students can adapt to it. Any activities will be arranged in order to ensure that the student will be involved and be able to use their interests and abilities as well. Remember that each student might have a different level when it comes to the English language and you will have to look into this by having an admission test so that you can determine his or her level with the language.

Many teachers who are qualified feel that they are least ready to teach these diverse students in countries where there is a lot of exchange students running about. All tutors and teachers are provided training about how they can provide proper support to their peers and students. Therefore, those teachers who are not specialised are ideal because they can be trained so that they can provide the required support to those EAL students.

Certain techniques will help the student to adapt to the language and quickly pick up the language as well. The teacher therefore will be creating an education and positive environment in school for the child and also for the society as well.

Since EAL learners are bilingual, it is important to remember that when learning two languages their mental ability will increase along with other abilities such as creativity, problem solving and memorising. Bilingual students are fantastic learners due to this advantage. All teachers must be aware that a student who learns a new language will be able to emit these skills and abilities along the way.

Here are a few principles and techniques that will be useful for teaching the English language:

  • Visuals
  • Graphic organisers
  • Collaborative and interactive teaching
  • Written and oral models
  • Role-play and drama scenes
  • Working in small groups or with a partner
  • Drills and skilled activities
  • Use key phrases and structure when speaking to the student.

English is the global language and therefore, and it is important whether you are a local or an foreign student, that you learn this language.

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