If you are a huge comic book fan, well finding a comic book store won’t be that hard. You might come across loads of comic book stores, but they might not have the comics you need at times. If you are someone who has been moved to a new residential area and you are unable to locate a comic book store. Well below tips might help you to find one.

Check online for the comic stores

You will come across literally every comic book store around your neighborhood. However it’s best you list down the stores around and check the distance from your home. Since you don’t want to end up walking or driving to a comic store that is miles away. Once you know which comic book store to finalize you can check the website and get to know more about the place and some websites will let you buy marvel and dc comic books online.

Check their website and social media

Certain comic books stores are pretty engaged in their website and their social media, So it wont be that hard for you to miss any of the upcoming comics that you have been waiting for.You might even come across the latest comics that are available in their website.  If their social media page has a good following and good comics to read, well then you know that’s the place to go.

Ask Friends & neighbors

One of the best things you can do to find a comic store is ask your friends or even some of your neighbors might know where you can find a comic store. They might even give you some review about the place as well so that you know whether to choose that store or not. Your friends who lives around the area might have a idea of how many comic stores you can find and where you can find the best comic  to read as well. Since they might not have the best comics and you might find it boring.

Go around and check the comic stores out

Once you have decided which comic store you will visit often. Make sure you visit it once before you are sure of visiting again. Since certain stores may look good in the website but dull inside and they might not have a lot of collection. However once you have visited the place you know whether to choose it or not. And make sure they got friends people since people fight over comic books too.

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